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Double Cross by Malorie Blackman.

You'll not just be doubly cross, you'll be furious! Who murdered President Kennedy?
This book by the brother of Al Capone's successor, Sam "Mooney" Giancana, answers that question and the even more important one: who got Kennedy elected in the first place? Britain is now more closely associated with the USA than ever. Shouldn't we want to know how it is governed, what makes it tick?
If he's lying, the author would be behind bars. His grisly and frightening tale is about casual mass murder and, equally important, the enormous political influence exercised by an unbelievably callous gang of criminals, over American political life. Those who have doubted the boasts of American "democracy" will have their worst suspicions confirmed.
The background of mayhem, swindling, torture and "persuasion" in the name of amassing vast fortunes and an opulent and vulgar lifestyle is delineated in chilling detail. The author records frank discussions with his brother, whose complete lack of conscience sickened him.
The sexual exploitation and disloyalty described shows these gangsters to be just as crooked in their personal and emotional life.
It's a fascinating story and – an education.

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