Energywise has been designed to achieve a more sustainable city by reducing energy use. BPEC will engage low income individuals and families who are most affected by fuel poverty i.e. unable to afford to keep their homes adequately heated. 

Energywise has been developed to complement the Brighton & Hove’s SHINE programme which will engage Council tenants by specifically targeting people in private rented and owned properties. Each resident will have energy audits of their homes and the ways they can save substantial sums on their utility bills. The courses will provide training in a range of measures that everyone can take to reduce their energy consumption and bills e.g. drying clothes outside rather than with an electric dryer, eliminating always on appliances, effective insulation to reduce heat loss etc.

Energywise courses are showing Brighton residents on how to monitor energy use by self meter reading, the use of smart meters, utility switching and the various smartphone apps that can help people keep track of their energy use and develop strategies for energy reduction. With our digital toolkit we aim raise awareness and give advice, information and signposting as to what people can do to reduce their energy costs and address the high levels of fuel poverty in their communities.

Have a look at our Digital Toolkit and help save money and stay warm this winter.

New Community share offer is launched.

BHESCo are very excited to announce the launch of a brand new community share offer.

They are raising £29,000 for two innovative low carbon energy projects, and are looking for visionary investors to join the community energy movement and support clean energy across Sussex.

Investing in BHESCo will deliver attractive financial returns and bring significant benefits to the community and the environment.

Learn more about this exciting opportunity at

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