BPEC's involvement with the Glastonbury festival


The BPEC Glastonbury Festival coach service is used each year by a growing number of festival goers and is one of the easiest and greenest way to get there. In 1989 we began with just two coaches, but this was swiftly increased to meet growing demand and we now have over 400 travellers on our coaches every year. This service is entirely run by volunteers - from booking the coaches to stewarding the journeys there and back - so all the money made goes directly to help us continue our work. Of course we will be running this service again this year, and you can reserve your space now by heading to our booking page
Our history with the festival predates the coach service as we began by selling Glastonbury Festival tickets in 1984 - tickets were £13 and we earned 50p commission on each one sold.glasto 84 ticket

Tickets had increased to £100 by the last time we were able to sell them in 2000. In 2002 the 3.5m fence went up and the new ticketing system was put in place so we started concentrating on the coaches and our volunteers at the festival itself.

Before we became the Brighton Peace and Environment Centre we were known as the Brighton Peace Centre and had our shop based on Trafalgar Street, Brighton. By taking the shop on location each year to Glastonbury, selling campaigning t-shirts, fair trade crafts and some eco festival essentials at our stall we made 15% of our yearly takings and had the chance to meet some very interesting people.people

Since 1989 we have taken volunteers to Glastonbury, beginning with working on the gates and then moving to the property lock-ups, which is what we do today. We take a team with us each year who volunteer their time on the property lock-ups to support BPEC. We really value the work they do each year, as well as the great atmosphere everyone contributes to around our camp. In return our catering team do their best to make sure they stay as well fed as possible.


Please use the secure lockups for any valuables you take on site, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice as we have been involved with the festival for years. We will post a link to the full map of the site for 2015 once this has been finalised by the Glastonbury Team at Worthy Farm.

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The office is normally open to the public at the following times:

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Outside of these hours please leave a message on 01273-766610 or email info@bpec.org and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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