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Every year, the UK produces 290 million tonnes of waste from our homes, offices and industry.

On average, we recycle about 35% of it, which is a marked increase from the dark days of sticking everything in landfill and hoping nobody noticed

In our increasingly environmentally aware times, what we used to consider waste is gradually becoming known as a vital resource.

A £32 million investment programme from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is hoping to push forward the development of some exciting new technologies, such as digestion plants that can turn waste into compost and natural gas.

Still, it's always best to tackle the problem at source,

so here are some ways you can reduce your personal waste mountain:

Get a bag for life or canvas tote bag to help curtail the trillions of plastic bags floating around the planet and for the same reason buy loose fruit and veg rather than the packaged variety.
Brighton and Hove Food Partnership gives tips on how to compost your waste at home or how to set up your own community compost site
Freegle helps you give away items you don't want or get stuff you do want, all completely free!
Use rechargeable batteries...

Share your top waste-reducing tips with us and your friends

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